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It is sometime in the early 60's on the Southern Region of British Railways.

It was announced a little while ago that there would be built in this area, just to the east of the village of Meopham, a new town which would be called after the fashion of the day, “Meopham New Town”. I dare not specify the exact date, leaving it vague so as you will not be able to work out which government had been “brave” enough to embark on such a grand and very controversial house building scheme in this part of rural Kent, just to the west of Chatham.

Meopham is on the route which connects the London to Folkestone line via Tonbridge and Ashford with the London to Dover line via Chatham. It had been decided to up rate this connection to allow more flexible workings on both main lines and to that end the existing track work at this location has had loop lines installed.

A new fangled concrete fly-over bridge is almost complete taking one diverging track of the new branch over the main lines to serve that budding conurbation. The gradient to the bridge is very steep but as only electric trains are intended to use this line, that is not seen as being a problem.

A small electrical sub-station has been built, under the approach ramp, to supply power to the new branch and also a very short temporary platform for the builders had been located on the adjacent new down loop line.

To the rear of the site there is a cement handling plant which will remain after the bridge works are finished to supply the needs of the house builders in the area. Electric trains pass this location at speed and their progress is marked by a series of pyrotechnics which goes with the direct current third rail system. Viewers having any problems with such intense lights are warned to observe at their own risk.

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