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This layout was first shown in Sept 2011 (see Fact and Figures page) and since then it has appeared at 22 shows across England, Scotland and on the Continant. It's last one was in August 2014. Since then I have been out of action for a heart operation but I am now as fit as I can be and now hoping for further invites.

This layout is my second solo one after being a part of various teams for which, I have directly built, had a hand in building, or just wired, some twenty exhibition layouts over many years for various members, ex-members and sections of the Hull Miniature Railway Society of which I am an Hon. Vice President. Those layouts included,"North Wirral", “Rushenden (Metals) Ltd.”, “Chessington (Chalk Lane)”, for the Hull M.R.S. then “Walker Marine”. and "Market Weighton" for the C.S.I. group. I also assisted in building “Culreoch (A layout in six weeks)",(which was never called Cully by anyone!) then there was"Castle Hill (A train set in six weeks) and "St. Minions".(A layout in six feet).

Then I branched out for the East Riding Fine Scale Modellers into 0 gauge with, “Hospital Gates", and back to 00 with a layout built by them for Bachmann UK and installed in the retail shop at the NRM, York. It's name is "Bachmann St. Giles." Also for Bachmann UK an N gauge layout for their representatives to demonstrate their latest products named "Little Barwell".

Now read on Meopham East Junction is a continuous run fine scale 00 layout powered by DCC using the Roco z21 system. It is free standing, with it's own lights. A brochure diagram is here thanks to the Railway Modeller.

The principal dimensions are 20 feet (6M) long X 13 feet (4M) deep. These are the absolute minimum and extra should be allowed for erection and maintenance access.

The public will have viewing access to almost all of the front long side it should be noted.

The floor diagram is provided for that purpose only and should not be scaled from.

Brochure copy can be found on the "About" page.

The electrical loading is around 300 watts and therefore, only one 13 amp socket will be required.

A small private van is used for transport at the moment, as of Feb 2016, however the right is reserved to change to the use of a commercial van hire company should the need arise. Therefore, at the moment, there will be no van rental charges, only a preagreed charge for fuel for it and a car, based on the distance travelled plus a small charge to help with running costs (insurance, road tax, wear and tear, etc).

Two day shows will require a set up on the Friday evening, taking on average 2 hours and due to the advancing age of some of the operators, easy access to exhibition halls is requested. No staircases please!

One-day shows will only be considered (outside of the Hull area) if the previous night’s accommodation and set up time is offered.

There are now (THREE) operators and we would always require two rooms, one with a twin bed and one single, accommodation in at least a B & B. (No family rooms!) Especially if one of my daughters are one of the team. They don't mind sharing with me but Heidi and Helen object to others unless they happen to be their respective husbands!

The layout is valued for insurance purposes at £15,000

It should be noted that some of the photographs have had minor digital enhancement to remove unwanted blemishes.

Enquires should only be addressed to:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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