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Photographs of new rolling stock will be seen here first and then as soon as I remember they will be allocated onto a proper location.

1 Hidden beneath a "sheeted load" is the battery for the flashing tail light. The model for the cover was a Morris Minor Traveller. (What else?)

Sheetedload zpsfb9566d9

2 A close up of another fine controlled weathering contract by Neil Ripley, he is also a layout designer to the nobility.

33 zps8684d505

3 A train load of four twin set IPA double deck car transporters in the red livery of STVA.

plustraincloseup zpsc322b4a4

4 A locomotive I met in reality on the 23rd August 1962 in a woodyard near Bo'ness in Scotland, it was waiting to go for scrap that day. When I had the opportunity to acquire a cheap Bachmann example, perhaps it was because the handrail on the smoke box door was straight? In any event, I couldn't resist it. Now the "Laird of Balmawhappie" has been saved for a short time to pull an enthusiasts special to Margate.

D11 zpsfb95c721

5 After several complains from one of the operators*, I conceeded that the capacity of the fiddle yard should be increased. After careful measurements I realised that I could insert a sixth road in the fiddle yard without a significant lost of finger poking space. The extra roads are not as long as the others but being on the centre road it is bi-directional, if only one road at a time.* Remember that Ray, you wanted them!

New central roads zpsljli5mn5 1

6 Two Hornby Cemflo's, "cut & shut" by Jeff Taylor to correct a basic dimension fault Cut & Shut by Jeff Taylor

Cemflo zps1b1b4900 

7 Fixed couplings are used on several trains. The second bar on the right hand coupling prevents buffer locking when the train is reversed, a throw back to Brockley Green days.

Couplings zps0507b916

8 I have finally purchased a Hornby Class 395 to represent as upto date as I can be with this layout. It should be noted that this video was shot on the day of purchase and the extra trailer coaches to make upto a six car set did not arrive until the next day.

9 After much difficulty I have aquired a Roco z21 control system and a "tablet" to give me a walkabout controller. The tablet may not last long as Roco are producing a cordless handset "soon".

10 In a moment of semi-madness, inflluenced by the low price, I have purchased a Hornby green 2-BIL unit. It will join the ranks of the enthusiast's specials and maybe loaned out to Mr Taylor's next 00 layout.

2 BIL zpsqwomlzex

11 A return empty coal train at last, to complement the "full" one. Comprising of 10 x 21T hoppers suitably weathered. Drawn by the Class N and protected in the rear by a Hornby "Queen Mary" bogie brake. The eagle eyed will notice that there are only 9 hoppers in the picture below. The 10th one has now joined the fleet! Empty coal wagons.

Coal empties4 zps46vamb4b

12 Flash unit number 5. Fitted to one of the "in the country" sections of track. A Flash not a twinkle!

Flash 5B zpsjuelektb

13. Not unlucky I hope but I am awaiting the delivery of a DJM Class 71, which expected at any moment (07/12/16) I am hoping it will appear at the Pontefract show. Here's a preproduction example, loaned by kind permission of Dave Jones and Charlie Petty. There is a video by Glassland Models and should watched in it's entirety but especially from 7.46mins. Whistle blowing was done by Jeff Taylor. My thanks to all concerned.

14. A more correct Pullman coach for the steam hauled London (Victoria)-Dover boat train.

Car 171 zpsj8zgl6zm

15. An enthusiast's brake van special powered by a 08 diesel shunter to work through the cement works network..

Brake vans zpsgggxfxgl

16. This will be a brake down crane train. Not just any crane but a Hornby-Dublo crane. Not just any crane but a Hornby-Dublo one!

HD Crane zpsediwwvde

Due to circumstanes beyond my control, this project has been abandoned for the foreseeable future. The H/D wheels were somewhat worn out and needed replacement. Changing them for modern metal tyed ones lead to great increase in noise whilst running slowly. I cannot begin to imagine how this would sound at a scale 20/25 m.p.h. The crane has now gone back into storage but not in my wardrobe this time!

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